3 reasons to choose Liftline Lodge Stratton Mountain for weekend

This lodge was excellent! I have booked a room on the website liftline-lodge.vermont-allhotels.com and got completely satisfied with everything. Perfect area. Ideal mattresses. Perfectly kind staff. I have personally examined lots of opinions and I frankly expected the worst but most acquired the ideal. Easily more silent than some other hotel I have been also. Fantastic job, Liftline.

Yes, this place isn’t just a 5star lodge. And I think I would not suggest it to households with kids. In addition, the place absolutely demands renovation. Some photos are available here foursquare.com/v/liftline-lodge/4b5a839df964a52020c928e3. But… For couples or friends that aren’t searching for some thing elaborate it really is absolutely well worth a call. The positioning is excellent along with the material is incredibly favorable.

That really is ideal in case you own a furry friend. The chambers are equally cheap and nofrills. Regardless of wi fi, nevertheless, you may utilize the reception at Dark Bear in the base of the hill. The spot is also very straightforward. They let my puppy are available back to the Dark Bear reception to take a seat when I had to gain access to the wi fi. See the whole list of amenities provided on the webpage reservations.com/Hotel/liftline-lodge.

My short stay at Ramona Motel (Miami) + advice

Young students and recent grads enjoy the Ramona Motel in Miami party lifestyle. There’s a daily free cocktail hour!

Attracting college students and recent grads (most folks are in their early to mid-20s), it is perfect for partiers, therefore you need to book it in advance – ramona-motel.miami-fl-hotels.com. During less popular times of the year, the Ramona Motel, Miami might have the occasional middle-aged or elderly European tourist, sometimes with families in tow, but with free cocktail hour in the Red Bar, this place is designed for guests who like to get their drink on.
The staff is friendly, but the service can be slow.
The doorman, the bellboy, and the front desk attendants are all bubbly and friendly. Unfortunately, it takes forever to get anything done. My check-in took about 15 minutes, but it was preceded by 20 minutes of waiting in line. When I forgot the code to my safe, the receptionist told me I’d have to wait an hour and a half. Fortunately, maintenance only took 15 minutes.
Just a block from the beach, the Ramona Motel is also close to bars, restaurants, shopping and more (see other details by local.yahoo.com/info-14233717-ramona-motel-miami).

Plus, the Ramona is only one block from the beach!
Some rooms and hallways are too dark, not to mention excessively humid. Stay in the main hotel for a lighter feel.

My king bedroom at the Ramona Motel, Miami is actually a conglomeration of squat art deco hotels, the Ramona Motel, and the Maxine was unsettling. The hallways were so dark that I couldn’t even see where to put my key into the door. I tried multiple times! The room itself was large and swathed in darkness. When I pulled back the floor-to-ceiling velvet curtain, I found a small window that looked out onto an alleyway and into the neighboring building. The only real source of light came from the window in the shower stall, which was meager at best.

In the bathroom, the toilet stall was on the opposite side of the sink and shower, right by the front door. I freaked out when I turned on the light and heard the loud whoosh of the exhaust.

The king-size bed was comfortable and the linens seemed clean, though on closer inspection, they didn’t quite match. The room was extraordinarily humid a function of having a shower in a room with few windows but at least the bed was reassuringly dry.

There was an iPod dock and a 32-inch JVC TV strapped to a flimsy table with a seat belt. Guests who have a  “can-do” attitude probably won’t mind staying here, especially since it’s relatively cheap and right by the beach. But claustrophobic travelers who like plenty of light should probably try the rooms in the actual Ramona Motel in Miami.

Plan your trip with superpages.com/bp/miami-fl/ramona-motel-L0007668123 to save some money.