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Monday, April 29 (9AM - 5PM)

  1. Carl Smith

    Your money or your life? Designing a business that won't kill you

    Carl Smith

    Too often, we jump into a new endeavour focused on making money instead of creating the life we want to live. In this hands-on workshop, Carl will help you envision a company that is built around your needs, personality and lifestyle. We'll talk about everything from setting realistic business goals to figuring out an exit strategy if you're ever ready for the next challenge. You'll leave the workshop with a solid plan to get your business on track!

    What You'll Learn

    • Setting goals and defining your objectives
    • Establishing your services
    • Finding clients you like, firing ones you don't
    • Creating a work process that's right for you
    • Hiring great people
  2. Ryan McGinty

    [SOLD OUT] HTML5 & CSS3 Masterclass

    Ryan McGinty

    A practical, hands-on workshop that will see attendees schooled in the very latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. From structures and semantics to transitions and animations, this option offers a full day of front end learning to help you integrate the latest and greatest design advancements into your own work.

    What You'll Learn

    • Hands on exercises to help you hone your new skills
    • The latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques
    • A look ahead to what's coming next for HTML5 and CSS3
  3. Lis Hubert

    Interaction Design Beyond the Wireframe

    Lis Hubert

    Are you an interaction designer looking to move beyond the wireframe? Or maybe you’re a designer or developer who is trying to learn how to get more direction and insight than the simple wireframe provides? Either way this workshop is for you! In it, we will conduct and investigate design thinking that needs to happen outside of the interface to help set project direction, gain team consensus, and ensure project success.

    What You'll Learn

    • Improved and expanded designing thinking skills
    • Applicable knowledge of interaction design beyond the wireframes
    • Hands on, practical workshop
  4. Jason Lengstorf

    Adding Realtime Event Handling to Any Website or App

    Jason Lengstorf

    Realtime has been quietly revolutionizing the way that people use the Internet for a few years now, and it's no longer something developers should be putting off to learn "later". In this session, Jason Lengstorf will introduce techniques for implementing realtime functionality into any web-based project right now, and in a fraction of the time one might expect. This hands-on coding workshop will cover both the server- and client-side programming aspects of implementing realtime, from the basics of creating custom events in PHP to the more nuanced aspects of handling those events with jQuery. It will bring attendees up to speed with both the capabilities (and possibilities) of realtime data and the techniques that allow developers to implement it using the skill set they already possess.

    What You'll Learn

    • How to set up custom realtime events using SaaS, such as Pusher or PubNub
    • How to use PHP to trigger a custom event when new data is available
    • How to use jQuery to capture custom realtime events
    • Techniques for presenting realtime data with jQuery and CSS3 that won't jar users
  5. Erik Loehfelm

    [SOLD OUT] Designing an Elegant Mobile User Experience Across Multiple Devices and Platforms

    Erik Loehfelm

    The biggest challenge in developing mobile apps is how to design for both elegance and usability, and do this across all the various devices, platforms and technologies and while still maintaining the brand feel. This workshop will explore the new challenges around creating an app that runs on iOS, Android, smartphones, tablets and web, and the current thinking on how to deal with different technologies.

    What You'll Learn

    • User-centered design practices to design mobile apps people love! - Creating personas, context scenarios, wireframes, and paper prototypes
    • Best practice techniques for mobile design including the use of mobile design patterns, adaptive and responsive web design, the theory of progressive enhancement, and on-device prototyping tools
    • Decision matrix for Native, Hybrid or HTML technologies
  6. Paolo Fragomeni

    Node.js Workshop: Remedial and Advanced Node.js

    Paolo Fragomeni

    Make sure you're getting the most out of Node.js! In this intensive, hands-on, highly structured workshop, we revisit Node.js' native modules, dissect a real application, add features to it and interactively discuss the results. Explore Domains, Websockets, Clustering and other less common topics. This workshop is sensitive to beginners and will progressively disclose advanced concepts and practices. Knowledge of Javascript is a prerequisite for all attendees.

    What You'll Learn

    • Understand Node.js fundamentals
    • Get up and running in under 5 minutes
    • How to choose frameworks
    • Create a robust web server using Javascript, build a simple REST API.
    • Go beyond AJAX and get closer to real-time using Web Sockets and socket.io.
    • Techniques for building scalable and distributed web applications.
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