Future Insights Live

Future Insights Live

Las Vegas MGM - April 30th - May 4th 2012

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Who Am I?

FIL BOT the Future Insights Live Robot

Hello World! My name is Fil Bot.

I am a technology and web genius from the future and I’ve traveled through time and space to bring you all sorts of great news. The future is a great place for the web and we’ve come a long way since 2012, but I want to help make sure all of you are part of the reason it becomes so amazing. So, I figured what better place to make my impact than with the great folks at Future Insights!

Win a seat at the Speaker Dinner!

Since I come from the future, none of my friends are here and I’m feeling a bit lonely. If you could, please take one of the blank templates below and create some friends for me to hang out with.

In return, I’m offering my seat at the Future Insights Live Speaker Dinner, hosted by Media Temple, to the creator of the most original and impressive design! You’ll get to meet, eat with, and mingle with the top minds in the web industry, including Peter Vesterbacka, Jason Calacanis, Dan Cederholm, Chris Coyier, Aral Balkan, Hilary Mason, Gabe Rivera, Bryan Haggerty, and many, many more!

Here's how to win:

Note: Contest winner must also be registered for Future Insights Live by Friday, April 6 in order to be considered.

Need some practice? Build me first!

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