3 reasons to choose Liftline Lodge Stratton Mountain for weekend

This lodge was excellent! I have booked a room on the website liftline-lodge.vermont-allhotels.com and got completely satisfied with everything. Perfect area. Ideal mattresses. Perfectly kind staff. I have personally examined lots of opinions and I frankly expected the worst but most acquired the ideal. Easily more silent than some other hotel I have been also. Fantastic job, Liftline.

Yes, this place isn’t just a 5star lodge. And I think I would not suggest it to households with kids. In addition, the place absolutely demands renovation. Some photos are available here foursquare.com/v/liftline-lodge/4b5a839df964a52020c928e3. But… For couples or friends that aren’t searching for some thing elaborate it really is absolutely well worth a call. The positioning is excellent along with the material is incredibly favorable.

That really is ideal in case you own a furry friend. The chambers are equally cheap and nofrills. Regardless of wi fi, nevertheless, you may utilize the reception at Dark Bear in the base of the hill. The spot is also very straightforward. They let my puppy are available back to the Dark Bear reception to take a seat when I had to gain access to the wi fi. See the whole list of amenities provided on the webpage reservations.com/Hotel/liftline-lodge.

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