Horrible journey with happy end – Crimson Resort And Spa Mactan

Crimson Resort And Spa Mactan 5* on the Mactan Island is the perfect place for someone who is anxious about traveling to another country and needs the security of the familiar. This hotel is all about location, location and location (crimson-resort-spa.cebuphilippineshotels.com) as it offers fantastic views of Mactan Island. The tropical pool area is the perfect place to read a book or work on your tan. Guests can enjoy their complimentary breakfast lounging under the canopy in the outside seating area, with an idyllic view of the ships passing by on their way from the Cebu City. Guests are also just a short car ride, taxi ride or a long walk away from the numerous restaurants and shops located on the Mactan. There is a computer room with several computers free for guests to use and a room with a washer and dryer just in case you need to catch up on laundry. All of these features make it a fairly comfortable place to stay, but it is hard to get past the inconsistencies. We stayed in two different rooms while we were there. Photos of rooms and balcony views I uploaded at this site twomonkeystravelgroup.com/crimson-resort-spa-mactan-cebu-philippines-review. One room had horrible beds, no hot water and a view of the parking lot. The second room where we stayed just one night had hot water, better beds and a nice balcony with a view of the pool and Cabu ferry pier. The rooms were always spotless, but the hallway, stairs and lobby needed a good cleaning. Several times I witnessed guests coming to check in only to find that the hotel was overbooked. With a smug, unapologetic indifference, staff informed the disappointed guests, that they were being relocated to the Crimson Resort And Spa Mactan in the chaotic center of the city.

I am certain that there are people who would really like the Crimson Resort And Spa on Mactan island and wouldn’t mind paying over one hundred dollars per night. I was fine with the accommodations when I thought it would be free but even if I was able to get a free night stay on a return trip, I would gladly pass it up and stay at other hotel instead (luxuryhotelawards.com/hotel/crimson-resort-spa-mactan).

*When we returned from our trip we did call the credit card people and they were able to speak with the hotel chain and worked everything out concerning using the points to pay for our stay. The credit card company refunded our money for the nights we ended up paying for so that worked out nicely in the end and I now know that if a situation like this occurs again I will call the exact hotel I will be staying at to ask if they accept the free stay travel vouchers.

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